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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Let's have a shout-out to Gilson the Great for alerting me to this most ludicrous of novelty items. Yes, it's a HOKUTO NO KEN — that's FIST OF THE NORTH STAR to you — bottle opener that screams out Kenshiro's signature "Waa-Taah!!!" when you crack open a cold one! Now you can save the post-apocalyptic wasteland while getting your drink on. Brilliant!

Item Hokuto no Ken Bottle Opener [JPN Preorder]
Have you ever busted out a bicuspid because you used your teeth to pop the cap on a bottle of cola? Chomping on the jagged edge of a bottle cap is a dangerous proposition in the first place but wrenching it open with mouth strength can cause major damage. That's where the Hokuto no Ken bottle opener comes into play. Jam the clenched Hokuto fist on top of a bottle cap and let it do the hard work and save your teeth. You know, those teeth that you'll have to rely on for the rest of your life. Preorders ship in November 2007 at US$9.50 per fist.

1 comment:

Daniel said...

Looks like a sex toy!!! whole new meaning to fisting a girl!!!!