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Monday, June 25, 2007


I love me some Modesty Blaise. I also love me some burlesque dancers. So imagine my elation when Red Stapler pointed me toward a combination of "two great tastes that go great together" the likes of which hasn't been seen since chocolate collided with peanut butter. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Immodesty Blaize, winner of this year's Miss Exotic world title:

Hachi machi! And here's the amazing Miss Blaize a bit less chastely clad:

Yep, nuthin' wrong with this at all. I just love that she's British, so her nom de burlesque was most likely a knowing homage from a gal who grew up with the daily comic strip, and hopefully the even better novels as well.
And for more info on this ecdysiastical goddess, we go to the kind folks at PRICK Magazine for this profile:

All hail the queen! Immodesty Blaize reigns over London, England as the undisputed queen of British burlesque. Although she spent most of her life as a Londoner, her ethnic heritage is mixed European with a little Mediterranean, Eastern, and a drop of Irish. An absolute professional, Blaize has preformed her trademark elaborate and opulent shows for clients such as Dior and Cartier – not to mention across Hollywood, Vegas, NYC, Cannes, and back again. Needless to say, this lady is true-blooded British burlesque royalty.

"Gaw-DAMN!!!" sayeth the Bunche.

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