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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Many kids of my generation fell madly in love with Lynda carter during her run on TV as Wonder Woman in the 1970's for her sweetness, wholesome appeal, and considerable awesomeness at filling out her red, white and blue superhero togs, but I found myself entranced by her stop-you-in-your-tracks classical beauty.

Carter's Euro-Latina gorgeousity was worthy of a Roman goddess hewn from marble by the hand of a worshipful sculptor, and at the same time as being consumed with a futile adolescent lust for her, I was quite content to know that such a perfect creature strode the earth, a lighter analog to the other perfect Seventies woman, the mighty Pam Grier. And while many had Lynda's famous Wonder Woman poster adorning their bedroom walls, I longed for a poster of the image found on the back cover of her LP, a simple, unpretentious shot of her looking like the officially-appointed goddess of the 1970's. I mean, check this out:

That shirt tied up under the boobs look still gets me, and on a woman as spectacular as Carter it's hypnotic. As Kelly Bundy so eloquently put it, "the mind wobbles."

Truly one of the classic Babes of Yore, Lynda Carter still holds her own against women young enough to be her daughters; see SKY HIGH and her recent guest turn on SMALLVILLE for proof of that statement.

And now I have to go wank myself into a drooling stupor. Thank you for your time.


Harry Candelario said...

yeah I lust... I mean Love her too, I recently found out that she was up for the part of captain in Star Trek's Voyager. I couldn't stand the troll they did hire to play the captain, but if it was Ms Carter... they probably wouldn't have needed to get 7 of 9 to boost the ratings.

Peter Maranci said...

Yeah, she was pretty amazing. Kept lots of us teen-age boys awake nights after Wonder Woman was on. Jeeze.

A while back I was reading some thread somewhere about her, and somebody mentioned that she had IBS. To which someone else replied "I'd irritate her bowel."