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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It's now 2:40AM and I've been awake and staring at the ceiling for nearly an hour and a half. Before I went to bed I got a call from a friend and former colleague from my days in the Marvel Bullpen and the friend in question informed me that he'd been laid off and now he, his wife and kid were moving to Pennsylvania sometime soon.

Folks, if you have a job in these uncertain times, even if it's one you hate, keep in mind things could always be worse. That's just what I'm trying to do, but thinking about all of this stuff makes it hard for me to sleep. Not too long ago I would have remedied this malaise with beer and tequila but these days I no longer find that a valid solution. Time to break out a boring movie.


Raju said...

I find that this unbearably funky album is helping my mood. Might work for you, too. And it's hard to argue with the price.

Raju said...

(Not that it would help with the insomnia, mind you -- quite the opposite.)

czelous said...

Not sure if he was still in the pen but damn; best rid of them:

Yeah, sign me up for someadat'!