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Monday, March 16, 2009


Having a name as relatively uncommon as Bunche, I'm not used to seeing it anywhere and when I do I take notice. Usually it will turn up in a spelling identical to my own or it will not feature the "e" at the end, but I'd never before seen the following variation sent in by the lovely Xtina and photographed during one of her cemetery outings:
Hey Steve,

I saw this - I know it's not your name, but it's close and
I know you seldom see the name"Bunche". This is in a Jewish
Cemetery in Queens.


Maybe a Mexican/Jewish version? The world may never know...


Raju said...

Have you ever walked by this spot on your lunch break? The damning plaque is on the northeast corner of 42nd and 1st Ave.

Bunche said...

Yes I have and he's no relation.