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Friday, March 20, 2009


Dear Vaulties-

it turns out my feelings of getting back to normal after last week's case of the blues were premature and as a result I'm taking the weekend off from blogging. I'm going to retreat for a couple of days and try to get back on mental track, so in place of new stuff I'll be running some oldies. Sorry about that, but at least I try not leave you hanging.

I'll eventually return to the puerile and perky blog goon you know, but for now it's best to chill.

-Yer Bunche

PS: don't worry, I'm not going insane. I just need to pause from, well, everything for a couple of days.


Jim Browski said...

Take it slow, brother.

Call me if you wanna talk, ok?

czelous said...

Come visit us here in Kansas. It'll change your perspective!