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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


After getting all het up after reading the new Golden Age Sheena, Queen of the Jungle collection, I got curious to see if there was any other new Sheena stuff out there. Well, imagine my simultaneous surprise and unfettered joy upon finding this 10-out-of-10 sculpture of the legendary jungle badass:

"Holy fucking shit," right? From ReelArt Studios, this incredible piece draws inspiration from several sources, namely the character itself, the works of Dave Stevens and Jim Steranko (the pose is almost directly based on Steranko's portrait of Sheena seen on the cover of his HISTORY OF COMICS Vol. 2) and the striking likeness of artist's model/actress Irish McCalla, who played Sheena on TV in the 1950's. Standing nearly ten inches tall, this sculpture is exactly what I would want in a statue of Sheena and it wisely leaves out Bob, her duller-than-dirt "mate," and her simian pal Chim, whose comic relief would have thrown off the majestic vibe of the piece. I mean, really, check out these turnarounds:

And the choice to fuse all the source elements was simply genius, especially when choosing to use Irish McCalla's likeness:

So now that you've seen it I'm going to do something I never do: every year my friends have a bitch of a time figuring out what to get me for my birthday, so I'd like to obnoxiously propose that twenty of you each chip in ten bucks to cover the statue's cost and shipping and get me this item. I'd be tempted to shell out almost two-hundred bucks for this, but in this economy it's just not feasible, however if everyone has a whip-round...

Just puttin' it out there (and please act quickly; it's a limited edition of 500 pieces).

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Deacon Blue said...

And thank God for buxom heroines who find the time to put on lipstick and eyeliner even in the wilds of the jungle. Never, never go out to fight evil without your best face on. Bless you, Sheena!