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Friday, March 13, 2009


Yesterday there were six more layoffs at my job and while I'm apparently safe for the moment I am nonetheless filled with dread. So no post for today while I take some time to think, center and regroup. I'm already depressed— have been for a couple of days; other shit going on — so this is just the icing on a great big shit cake.

Back soon.

-Yer Bunche


Aaron X said...

Hang in there man. Only fools would let you get away.

But should they do the unthinkable I'm already considering you for a position in my firm, I got first dibs before the headhunter descend on you my brother.

Satyrblade said...

Arg! Sorry, man.

Keep yer head down and your sights high!

Scott Koblish said...

Well, at least there's unemployment insurance. I wish I had that sort of thing to fall back on.