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Sunday, August 24, 2008


The Black Amazon of Mars, almost as awesome as JWP.

Jewish Warrior Princess is back in the States for a few days, and upon meeting her this afternoon for lunch in Chelsea she surprised me with something I have been meaning to get for a while (no, not Osh-Osh), and I'm simply overwhelmed. I won't say what it is, but it's a major prezzie, even more major than her already too kind gift of the complete XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS, so I say HAIL TO THE RIGHTEOUS MIGHT AND MAJESTY OF THE JEWISH WARRIOR PRINCESS!!! Hail, indeed!


Daniel said...

I'm going to give you a little advice. I hope you take it to heart. I'm not some casanova but I do no a few things: First, stop calling sex Osh Osh call it sex, fucking, getting laid etc. but not osh osh Women must cringe everytime they hear it. Second stop drinking beer, it increases estrogen levels (I'm serious look it up) Estrogen makes a man whiny, overly sensitive, reduces aggression, self-esteem AND gives you man boobs. All things that turn women off.

P,S "so when that stuff happens I hit the fast forward button until I see the gorilla’s hands are away from Joy’s throat." (barf) WTF? That's the estrogen talking. Do you really think trying to sound like women's best friend will get you laid?

John Bligh said...

Wow! Daniel appears to be an expert on beer AND women!!!

Please enlighten us some more!

jewishwarriorprincess said...

To Daniel -

Do you even KNOW Bunche? AT ALL? As someone that is female and has known Steve for 20+ years I can say without any hesitation that you have NO CLUE as to who or what you are referring.

Being such the man I am sure after you crush some arbitrary aluminum can to your forehead and belch the alphabet along with your buddies after watching Die Harder 57 you can further enlighten us what it is to be a REAL man.

Get over yourself.


Anonymous said...

*laughter loud enough to scare the neighbor's cat*

robseth said...

You'll all be sorry you didn't listen to Daniel. As soon as he moves out of his mom's basement, he's gonna get some SERIOUS osh osh. Just you wait and see.

He'll show you. He'll show you all!

(insert R. Crumb panel here)