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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Judging by some of the feedback I've received, both via email and this blog's comments section, some of my loyal readers are Xena fans and you support this latest foray into my own pop culture obsessions, for which I thank you. I'm gonna have fun with this one and I've already started from the beginning, taking notes on the pertinent stuff. I plan to watch at least two episodes per night unless I'm out carousing on the weekends or having a life in some other way, and I'm currently about halfway through episode 6 ("The Reckoning").

The way this is gonna work is that I'll write a piece on each full season, providing a general overview and highlighting the episodes that are must-sees for those following XENA as a heroic journey chronicle — which it definitely is, presenting two such journeys for the price of one, but more on that as we get into the meat of the analysis — as well as spotlighting certain episodes that are worth seeing on their own solely for the sake of entertainment value (translation: hot chicks with swords and other assorted weapons kicking the shit out of everyone and everything in sight, accented with oh-so-naughty lezzie stuff). Season One clocks in with twenty-four episodes, while the others each feature twenty-two, so this will take a while, but I'd say that barring having a life I'll be able to do a season or two per month, therefore don't check in every day expecting to find a XENA-related entry. I'm gonna do this, but it will take a little time, so I urge you to be patient.

And once I do have some full-season reviews up, please feel free to refer this site to any fellow XENAphiles you may know.

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