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Friday, August 29, 2008


It's the Labor Day weekend and I am frankly overwhelmed by my choices of things to do. Parties, cookouts, pub crawls, all things I enjoy, but there's just too much shit going on and pondering all of it has nearly caused my puzzler to explode. So, for the record, I'm blowing off all parties and such since I've done many over the past two months and need a break from all the cooking and travel. I love seeing my friends but I really need a three-day weekend in which I'm left to my own devices, and since Jewish Warrior Princess is here for a few more days I aim to spend some time with her and catch up on my moviegoing. I'll probably check out DEATH RACE just so I can review it, and BEN-HUR, inarguably one of the most awesome "spectacle" flicks ever made, is playing at Lincoln Center on Sunday, and there's no way I'm gonna miss that one on the big screen.

Essentially I need to shift into a lower gear and just chill for a few days, so I may or may not post anything until the start of the work week, in this case Tuesday (although I may comment on what it was like to see BEN-HUR as it was intended to be experienced). That said, have a bitchin' holiday and don't drive drunk.

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