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Monday, August 04, 2008


I don't have anything major to report today, but I will share this sign that cracked up me and Karate Hottie about a month ago as we headed up to New Paltz:

The above attempt at a message via rhyme only spurred me to channel my inner Kingfish and let forth with the following litany that almost made Karate Hottie drive into a tree because she was laughing her ass off. Remember to read the following with The Kingfish's voice in your head:

"Last nation befo' damnation is stagnation." Holy Mackerel, Andy! Dat stagnation done cause a conflagration o' matsurbation across de whole damn nation, and dat ain't just no prognostication! It's givin' me a case of hyperventialion and regurgitation, and dat's no fabrication! It be a infiltration of my resignation to commit defenestration while de menstruation o' Sapphire be leadin' to frustration of de fornication, an' me helpin' my Johnson with manual flagellation! God damn, I needs me some trepanation on dis here occasion without no hesitation! An' it ain't just my imagination! Yowza!!!

You get the idea, so imagine this off-the-cuff stupidity continuing for at least ten solid minutes, causing Karate Hottie to have a major case of the sillies, as well as causing my grandmother to breakdance in her grave.

The immortal Tim Moore, the TV version of The Kingfish; for those who don't know who he is, hit Google, baby!

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Anonymous said...

Too keep the rhyme going, "As usual, the vault of buncheness is great for at work procrastination and brings joy and elation while I am chained to my work station." - Cristina