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Saturday, August 23, 2008

YER BUNCHE JOINS FACEBOOK (or, as Jewish Warrior Princess put it, "Joining the Dark Side")

Well, after the advice of an old friend who recently located another old friend we’d been looking for, I have opened a Facebook account in an attempt to see how many folks will suddenly rise from the limbo of my past. To my total surprise, several people I’m still friends and in contact with to varying degrees got in touch with me mere minutes after I opened my account, and by the end of the day on Friday I’d received a couple dozen notices from far and wide, including people I haven’t seen or heard from since high school. It’ll be fun reconnecting and seeing where life has taken all of us.

I may hate MySpace, but Facebook intrigues me for its crazy-fast ability to foster communication, and I hope to find a few people I lost touch with long ago. I’ll just have to wait and see.


Jared said...

Facebook fosters no faster communication than MySpace. It just skews older so that more people you know will be on it. Otherwise they are identical in function.
And once I again I point out that if too many people discover something before you - you are disinterested in it.

Bunche said...

"And once I again I point out that if too many people discover something before you - you are disinterested in it."

An incorrect observation in this case Jared. My dislike of MySpace has to do with what I've experienced as a need to maintain it with some semblance of regularity, as well as a difficulty of use depending on how variuos users format their individual pages. There are several people whose pages are so confusingly arranged that it takes me forever to find their contact info our whatever I'm looking for, if I ever find what I'm looking foir, among fancy pictures, intrusive music, etc.

Jared said...

MySpace is a nightmare design wise. But Facebook isn't much better. In fact the amount of spam Facebook throws at you is worse.
There is actually nothing to maintain on either of them besides contact with people. Unless you want to add a whole bunch of info. But you don't have to.