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Sunday, August 17, 2008


I can hear my pal Jared saying, "Yep, this was totally inevitable..."

The boundless excellence of Jewish Warrior Princess recently reached a new plateau when she gave me the complete XENA- WARRIOR PRINCESS in a DVD boxed set for my birtthday, and in honor of that act, as well as for my love of what's hands-down the best sword & sorcery television series ever — admittedly a rather sparse field — I'm going to work my way through the show's entire run and report on the significant episodes that any Xena-curious newbie should know about (to say nothing of the episodes that should be avoided like a rabid dog; "Married With Fish Sticks" immediately comes to mind).

Yeah, I know my old school STAR TREK blog has lain fallow and sorely neglected for quite some time, but I promise to get back to it eventually. I'm in no hurry to work on that blog because I grew up on that show and it has long since passed into the world's pop culture lexicon, and damned near anything I'd have to say on STAR TREK has been said a million times over, so until I really have anything fun to add to the eleventy-gazillion Trek sites out there I'm going to work my way through the adventures of the Ass-kicker from Amphipolis. Sure, there are sites devoted to Xena and Gabrielle and their status as feminist/lesbian role models and icons, but I intend to look at them from the perspective of somebody who's dug sword & sorcery stuff since childhood and analyze the show with my usual take-no-prisoners attitude, despite a near-unconditional love for the series. So that means I'll be slogging my way through six seasons and 134 episodes, and I just got started on season one, so get ready for it!


Jared said...

All the episodes of Xena? That sounds like punishment. Not fun.

Anonymous said...

So not EVEN true, Jared!

I'll hold you to this, Buncho.

Y'know, Robert Tapert said a few months back that when he submitted a proposal for a Xena movie, the suits at Universal (holders of the rights) replied "We aren't sure there's significant public interest for such a project at this time." Yeah, fucking right, duchebag. The world was crying out for Space Chimps, Fly Me to the Moon and Get Smart, but you'll pass on a film featuring one of the most significant pop-culture icons of the last quarter-century. Morons.