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Thursday, August 07, 2008


As promised, here are more shots from the glory days of the barbecue joint. Yeah, nostalgia is a bitch...

Yer Bunche behind the bar.

Sirius behind the bar.

White Mark, passed out at the bar (again).

Big Mikey gets his Norse on.

Sirius expresses his feelings for a certain boy band.

The night Pete won the "4/5."

A busy night.

The bar's own brew (it tasted like piss and was swiftly discontinued).

Me and Harley the bunny.

Maggie challenges all comers.

Live music and culture!

Little Smokey.

Chicken meets Lauren.

When great things meet: superheroines and a stunning rack.

Joy jots down the night's specials.

Joy goes gaga over the wee Chicken.

Joy and her roommate, Alysha.

Jeff's tattoo commemorating his leave of absence to tour with Theo and the Skyscrapers.

Jake's green teefus.

Late night shenanigans.

The guy who replaced me: 'nuff said.

A little dab'll do ya...

The Three Stooges: Scott, Tracey and Shun.



The building across the street: an ominous number.

Alysha represents for the New Orleans Saints.

A taste of Rex.

The barbecue joint is dead! Long live the barbecue joint!

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