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Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Gerry and Mark, the driving forces behind the excellence that is Devo.

It's just after 1AM here in the South of England and I just returned from what was not merely the best Devo show I've ever seen, but also the best live show I've ever seen. Period. The boys from Akron were at London's HMV Forum to perform their first album in its entirety and they rocked the fucking place like guys over half their age. I'll eventually post a detailed account, but until then here are a few selected highlights.

A pair of British fans outside Annie's Bar. I've never seen a collection of Devotees who were so clearly and unashamedly into seeing the band, not even back home in the States, and the faithful were legion (proof to come in the full article).

An unexpected treat: Yer Bunche meets Lene Lovich!

Me and Lene Lovich again.

A comely Devo fan kindly lent me her special purple Energy Dome that she'd just received for her birthday.

There's a hell of a lot more, but I'm too exhausted to sort through close to two-hundred photos tonight, but there will be a full account soon!


Steve said...

Ahhh... seeing Lene Lovich reminds me of all those friggin' mornings that Bligh and I awoke to "Lucky Number" with the volume at 11 (thanks neighbors!)

Xtina said...

If its Lena, you'll love-ich! I love her! Did you get her autograph?