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Saturday, May 09, 2009

WINGIN' MY WAY BACK FROM BLIGHTY (and musing on British food)

Not Yer Bunche, but an amazing simulation.

Well, as you read this I'll be on a British Airways flight back to JFK, soon to return to my humble cell with amenities in Brooklyn. I'm sad to leave Jewish Warrior Princess after a week of catching up and all manner of fun, but I'll be seeing her again in September for Dragon Con in Atlanta.

Just around the corner from JWP's flat. I love the mixture of the visually posh buildings and mundane shops.

In honor of my last night on vacation, JWP took em to an incredible dinner at Bankers Traditional Fish & Chips, and I can honestly say it was the finest example of that British classic ever to cross my palate.

Brighton's own Bankers Traditional Fish & Chips: heart attack food in excelsis.

No joke, the meal was sumptuous and huge, complete with gravy for the exquisite chips, and right now I'm stuffed to satisfied capacity.

I mean, just look at that plate! That's no optical illusion, folks. That Cod fillet was as long as my forearm and the batter was superb. And the place is just a short walk from the ocean, so how can you possibly beat it?

Just down the street from the restaurant.

But all good things must come to an end, and this vacation is as over as disco. Now it's back to the design 'ho house on Monday and back to my noisy uber-ghetto neighbors and overpriced New York everything. I hope to get back to the UK soon, but I'll most likely hit Brazil first and visit Senter and 'Tuz' and wee Liam.

Oh, and I haven't forgotten to chronicle a few other highlights from my trip, most especially the Devo show, but that will all be seen next week, so stay tuned.

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