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Friday, May 01, 2009


Once more, back to Old Blighty!

Well, dear Vaulties, Yer Bunche is outta here for my first vacation in just shy of four years, and I can't wait! I very much doubt I'll be posting any new stuff while I'm away but I will scour the archives for forgotten bits of lore with which to keep you amused, so stay tuned (time permitting, there may be reviews of the Wolverine movie and the new STAR TREK flick, but I'll play it by ear). I hope to resume new stuff by May 9th, so I'll see you then. In the meantime, it's all about hanging out in Hove with Jewish Warrior Princess, a visit to Eastbourne for some quality time with Chris Weston, running around London (I want to hit World's End, formerly the infamous SEX, and see if they have a pair of Brothel Creepers in my size), the raiding of used book shops — filling in the gaps in my VIZ Annuals, Modesty Blaise hardcovers and Ian Fleming hardcovers collections — yet another live Devo show, and the glory that is sausage rolls. Fuckin'-A, how I love England! RULE BRITANNIA!!!

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