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Friday, May 08, 2009


So here's the shitload of stuff I'm muling back from England, some of it for me and some for assorted friends.

We're talkin' Devo show t-shirts, a Clash shirt (not for me), several books and DVDs,

a few CDs, two containers of Cadbury Highlights instant cocoa (for Ace MacDonald; I still have no real sweet tooth), some magazines, and an assload of 2000 AD back issues (including the complete run of the infamous BIG DAVE).

And as far as I'm concerned, no shopping trip abroad is complete without returning home with a sampling of the given country's homegrown pornography. Sadly, I find much of the Brit-smut I've encountered to be quite tame when compared to good old Yankee one-handed educational publications, but nonetheless I felt it was worth searching to see if there was anything worth picking up. I hoped to find a specialty mag devoted to Britain's pasty but oh so cute redheads, or "ginger" chicks as they're known over here, but my foraging yielded fuck all in that department so I instead picked up a copy of THE BEST OF MAYFAIR, a refreshing offering that was thankfully low on silicone, and the ultimate in truth in advertising, MILFMAG, whose cover touted it as "A new mag celebrating ageing crumpet!"

So if you're one of the people on my gift list, whatever you wanted is on the way. Except for Jim Browski; the album you wanted was impossible to locate, but I got you something else I know for a fact you'll enjoy.

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Suki said...

Thanks Bunche! You are best!