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Friday, May 22, 2009


It's a well-known fact that I unashamedly love me some Orion slave girls — aka "green chicks" — from STAR TREK, so how could I pass up a cute caricature statue of one as the latest addition to my ever-growing collection of geeky work area paraphernalia?

Funko's Orion Slave Girl figure. Love the animated look!

I saw this Funko Orion Slave Girl online about two weeks ago and ordered one the minute I got back from my trip to the UK. It's fun enough that such a piece of kitsch exists, but I believe this is meant to be cartoon version of the illusion used by the unfortunate Vina (Susan Oliver) to entice Captain Pike (Jeffrey Hunter) into willingly remaining in captivity on Talos IV and mating with her (it didn't work). That happened in the first STAR TREK pilot, "The Cage" (completed in early 1965), but is more widely remembered from the re-use of much of the pilot's footage as the 2-part Original Series episode "The Menagerie" (1966).

Susan Oliver as Vina.

If you somehow missed either "The Cage" or "The Menagerie," do yourself the favor and watch them as soon as you can (especially the uncut "The Cage") so you can see the Ground Zero from which the STAR TREK juggernaut sprang.

Anyway, the cartoon green chick showed up today's design 'ho house mail and I immediately afforded her a place of honor on one of my shelves. And just for the sake of comparison, check out how Playmates handled the same character in a "straight" version released some thirteen years ago:

I snatched up the straight version of Vina simply because there had not been a toy of her up to that point, and when you see its rather bland facial expression you can understand how I keep it solely as a piece of collection fodder that could end up in a box and stashed in my closet with no tears shed over its absence. The cartoon version, on the other hand, has a lot of personality and charm (she's totally workin' that "walk like an Egyptian" move), so I predict she'll be on display either in my work space or on a bookshelf in the Vault for the foreseeable future.

Man, I love me some green chicks...

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John Bligh said...

Pike was gay. That's the only reason to refuse her.