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Friday, May 22, 2009


I just got back from my favorite comics shop in NYC, Jim Hanley's Universe, and thanks to them cleaning out all the stuff that's been gathering moss in the basement for over a decade they unearthed something I've been searching for for years. It was a complete and utter stroke of luck that led me to walk down one of the aisles and spot a garish purple hardcover...

There it was: ACTION-THE STORY OF A VIOLENT COMIC, right there and practically jumping off the rack into my eager hands. Needless to say, I picked it up (using some of the mountain of trade-in credit I've accrued over the years) and was amazed to see it priced at a mere thirty-five bucks. I just checked to see if anyone had it on Amazon UK and found two copies that started at one-hundred and ten pounds, and when I've found it on eBay it went for as much as $300. I can't wait to read this because, other than the fun-though-poorly-packaged collection of HOOKJAW from two years ago, this book is as far as I know the only collection of strips from Britain's infamous and famously banned ACTION weekly, the comic from whose creative ashes 2000 AD arose, its editors having learned valuable lessons on just how to get away with scads or graphic violence. I'll get back to you with a review when I'm done, but for now I only have two words to say on this:


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Satyrblade said...

Yeah, I get that. This past weekend, I ran across a copy of a Miracleman trade paperback collection I own, priced at $100. Nice! I will not, however, sell mine unless I get more desperate than I have been in the past. I actually own most of the Alan Moore issues of that series in individual issues, trade paperback collections, or both. Had no idea they were so valuable these days. Who'd've thought that some scribbling Brit weirdos would become so bloody influential...?