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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The last contemporary giant monster movie I saw was CLOVERFIELD, and while it had its moments it just didn't light me up the way I expect from films in the genre. What I need is a giant monster flick with at least two behemoths engaging in mortal combat with one another, while causing as much collateral damage to cities, the military, well-intended but stupid scientists, and random passenger planes, so imagine my delight when I heard about the soon-to-be-released (albeit straight to DVD) MEGA SHARK VS.GIANT OCTOPUS. That's a no-bullshit title title if ever I heard one, plus it stars Eighties teen pop star Deborah Gibson in a movie about enormous and bogus-looking CGI sea monsters, so what's not to love? And when I say "giant monsters," check out the level of scale I'm talking about:

Now that's a big mutherfuckin' shark! Not only is that image ludicrously awesome, I'd wager it's a none-too-subtle nod to the Ray Harryhausen classic IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA (1955), only with that film's ginormous octopus (actually a "sextopus" because it was easier and cheaper to animate only six tentacles) being replaced with a shark the size of the U.S.S. Nimitz.


The trailer for this loony anti-epic can be seen over at the Film School Rejects website, and I've already pre-ordered the mofo from Amazon, so I'll be back with a review as soon as possible. Yes, it'll most likely suck the big one, but so what? It's a FUCKING MEGA SHARK VERSUS A GIANT OCTOPUS!!! How could I not want to see that? The only way this could be improved is with the inclusion of the Sub-Mariner, but I won't push my luck.

Prince Namor the First of Atlantis, aka the Sub-Mariner: pissed off about not being included in MEGA SHARK VS. GIANT OCTOPUS.


Deacon Blue said...

I think what I liked about Cloverfield was that it felt like a genuinely American giant monster flick instead of one attempting to capture the feel of the Japanese flicks.

That said, I like me some combatting monster mayhem, too, and I did indeed expose my 3-year-old to Ultraman after you told me the series was on DVD. She's only seen the first disc of season 1 so far, but she likes. Not as much as Spongebob and the Teen Titans, but she likes...

Amber Love said...

When I saw the trailer for that last night, I couldn't believe that I didn't see Lance Henrikson or any of the Baldwin brothers! It definitely is a must see.

Satyrblade said...

You DID see The Host*, right? :)

* - The title, I suspect, being a sly pun at Korea's irritation at playing "host" to those obnoxious Americans for the last 50-something years.

Bunche said...

Regarding whether I've seen THE HOST: nigga, please. You actually had to ask? I'm appalled.

Suki said...

nice package on namor, though.