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Monday, February 12, 2018


I just went around the corner to pick up groceries at the Associated supermarket, and as I was heading back to my building with my purchases, a black SUV slowly matched  my pace as I walked. The window rolled down and a woman smiled at me as she said "Hey!" and beckoned me over. I figured she probably wanted directions, so I walked over to the car. Inside were the woman, two children in the back seat, and her husband behind the wheel. The husband leaned toward me and said "Hello, my friend," in a thick Middle-Eastern accent. "I from Dubai! Need go to gas station, get gasoline, but have no money, credit card. You help us out?"

Not buying it at all but remaining polite, I told him I was sorry I could not help him because I had just spent all of my money on groceries. (I of course had money, but like I was going to just give away my cash to some rando...) He cranked up the begging a notch or two, repeating his initial pitch, and I again stated that I had no money, adding "Dude, that was it. I have nothing to give you. I am poor." The man would not take no for an answer and slipped a chunky gold-looking ring off of his finger, which he proffered to me and stated "This worth fifty dollars! Please take! Trade me money!" Fed up, I simply said "I'm sorry" and headed up my building's front steps. 

As I watched them drive away, I wondered if any local would actually give them cash. Ah, Park Slope...