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Saturday, July 15, 2023


Getting all of my ducks in a row ahead of checking into the ER on Tuesday morning. Did all of my laundry, bought necessities for my toiletries bag, and packed my huge EMT backpack with nearly everything that I will need for an estimated week in the hospital. I will save the packing of my last items until the morning when I leave, thus ensuring that I don't forget anything. I did the same during my last stint at Presbyterian-Methodist, and I forgot nothing. I will have my phone, laptop, noise-canceling headphones, assorted chargers, extension cord, and the latest James Bond novel to keep me occupied during hospital dialysis, the weekend limbo period (when most of the A-team medical staff is out), and post-op recovery.

Psychologically, I am in a better place than I expected to be while considering what's impending, and I am glad for that. If my decade-plus of ongoing medical misery has equipped me with, it's the strength to face almost any procedure with a solid degree of fearlessness and forward thinking. I accept that the loss of my toe only makes sense as a preventative for something much more dire, and I will adjust to perambulation without it. It will no doubt be an arduous process, but I have endured and overcome other serious conditions, so I am approaching this as a warrior approaches such an inevitability on the battlefield. One must soldier on.

Thursday, July 13, 2023


Just got back from my latest consultation with my podiatrist, and I am sad to say that I have bad news.
Upon today's examination it is clear that my left big toe is not healing properly and somehow became dislocated, causing it to warp to the left and drain blood. X-rays were taken and they revealed just how ganked-up all of it is, with an apparent infection in the joint, hence the draining. After careful consideration and discussion, I have agreed with Dr. Chung's assessment and am reporting to the ER on Tuesday morning so the ball can get rolling on amputation. Better to lose a toe than have the infection spread and lose a foot, says I.
Tuesday will see me enduring a battery of painless angio tests to determine if my blood flow is sufficient for the procedure and to allow healing. It was good enough for the procedure on my toe and the foot's sole, so that should not be a problem. The following day will be dialysis in the hospital, followed by more followup testing and more dialysis on Friday, then the usual weekend in limbo until the regular work week once more kicks off, the again with the dialysis on Monday. After that, it's time for the amputation procedure then a few days of post-op observation. I'm not happy about any of this but if it means keeping the overall foot, then so be it.
I will continue the updates as more develops. STAY TUNED and thanks for the continued support.