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Monday, August 05, 2013


I've been a huge Blondie fan since 1978 — I rank them among my Top 10 all-time favorite bands; if all you know are the hits, you really need to dig deeper — yet I never knew this existed until just a few minutes ago. I just wish Debbie Harry had been a Bond girl back in the day, or at least had been tapped to perform one of the series' theme songs. Ah, well, a missed opportunity, but at least we have this for posterity.


Scott Faulkner said...

Awesome! I found one where the audio doesn't get cut off at the end -

Patrick R said...

That's fantastic. Thanks. By the way, according to Wikipedia the producers of For Your Eyes Only wanted Blondie to perform the title song, but when Blondie found out they were expected to record Bill Conti's song instead of using their own track they backed out. Their song appears on The Hunter (1982) and is sadly pretty tepid, as is most of the rest of that album.