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Thursday, February 27, 2014

COMING SOON: '80's-style indie horror returns with ALMOST HUMAN

Last night I attended the FANGORIA screening of ALMOST HUMAN, a terrific indie shocker that proves conclusively that people who care to can work miracles on a shoestring budget. It's an homage to '80's-style splattery horror, fused with lashings of alien invasion tropes, gore provided via practical effects — lots of it and not a trace of CGI — INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, alien abduction tropes, and a number of other influences, all used to pitch-perfect effect, and there's even a very rude bit of what could be considered R-rated tentacle porn. It comes out as a VOD on Friday via a number of sources and I strongly urge you to see it for yourself. If you're tired of the pussified bullshit that passes for horror in this sorry and largely-toothless era, I promise you will not be disappointed by ALMOST HUMAN. Check back here in a few days and I'll have a full review.

Oh, and my buddy Chuck Doherty is part of the cast! (No, he does not provide the aforementioned tentacle.)

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