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Tuesday, September 05, 2017


My status as a "nutter magnet" remains in place: While eating lunch at the good Popeye's on Flatbush Avenue, a middle-aged Puerto Rican woman — I could tell she was Puerto Rican because her sun visor, earrings, t-shirt, and shirts were all emblazoned with the Puerto Rican flag — walked in and was about to get on line to order a meal, when she stopped dead in her tracks and stared at me in undisguised horror. I tried to ignore her as the waves of crazy radiated off of her, but she kept staring and finally blurted out "Iz you Spanish, or iz yoo a NIGGER???" I tried not to laugh and opted to answer her with Kenshiro's famous Japanese catch phrase, "Omae wa mo shinderu," which means "You are already dead," and that utterly confused her. As the line advanced, she walked away and got in the last word with "Fuckin' yellow maric√≥n..."
Ah, the free entertainment to be had in NYC...

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Robert Cousland said...

Your life would make one hell of a book Sir Bunche. If nothing else, it would be an amazing comic strip.