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Monday, July 09, 2018


Ah, sweet memories of youth: While reading an article on the history of Channel 5's late, lamented DRIVE-IN MOVIE kung fu showcase, I went down the roster of the films they ran and I now have the exact date of when I first did mushrooms! The afternoon of January 25th, 1986, was when (NAME WITHHELD) and I were recovering from having spent the previous night wandering around the Lower East Side out of minds on mushrooms, quality weed, and several beers. Also on that night we saw THE TOXIC AVENGER in the theater, and we were in the perfect state of mind for it. Anyway, the Saturday afternoon kung fu flIck that got us through coming down from the 'shrooms was IRON FINGERS OF DEATH (aka THE SHAOLIN PRINCE and DEATH MASK OF THE NINJA).

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Wendy Jo said...

That is hilarious!