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Monday, April 13, 2020


Today's moment of charm: 

While at one of the local schmancy 24/7 convenience stores (the supermarket around the corner is closed until tomorrow), I was on line at the checkout counter behind to hardhat-wearing Latino construction workers. While waiting for the cashier to ring up his purchase, he complained to his co-worker about another employee at their place of employ. "Can't have that kinda shit goin' on at the site, man. The guy acts like a girl. I'm gonna get him fired. Can't be havin;' no faggot in in the crew. The boys don't play that shit son, you feel me? Gonna get him FIRED." The two of them then burst out laughing and loudly guffawed while leaving with their purchases. 

I was hoping to hear the too-late squeal of brakes as they were flattened by a delivery truck while crossing the street, but no such luck.

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