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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Yesterday I reconnected with an old flame for the afternoon and I have to say that I was surprised by how it went.

The lady in question is one of my favorites and she recently severed ties with her boyfriend, a guy who clearly was not on the same emotional page that she was. She called me shortly after the breakup and suggested that we hang out on Monday afternoon, with the intention of "making out" stated in no uncertain terms, and I of course welcomed the idea; this lady is very cute, sweet as can be and is a formidible force of womanly nature, a lady who gives off a palpable vibe of sink-your-teeth-in femaleness, and THAT is something rare indeed...

So we hooked up and danced around the main goal of the get-together by starting to watch a DVD, but our real purpose
was undeniable and the beast with two backs was soon made, a very pleasant bit of human contact that the both of us really
needed. And while the flaming osh-osh was a lot of fun, afterward we were both totally relaxed to the point of us simply enjoying each other's company in bed and chatting away like a couple of teenagers. Sadly, our time together was short and she had to leave shortly after 4PM, so we reluctantly threw on our clothes and popped around the corner for a meal at the Bagel-Tique. We both noted how well we get along and how much fun we have together, but a slight air of melancholy hung in the ether since our daily shedules confilict to a degree that barely allowed us to see each other even as friends over the last few months, and since she has responsibilities during the day that include a nine-to-five job among other things and I work nights with Monday and Tuesday amounting to my weekend, we cannot hook up on a regular basis. It's sad, but she's a sweet soul who's one foxy, sexy-as-hell mamma-jamma, and I have no fear that she won't reconnect with the dating arena and find herself a great guy sooner than she thinks; she may be hurting now, but I give it a month before she's back on the stick (so to speak).

As for me, I have been surfing a wave of good karma lately and I think that my booty call with the previously-mentioned goddess is just the start of other good adventures. And as if getting some wasn't good enough, less than twenty-four hours later I received the new Godzilla movie on DVD. Some much-needed lovin' from a favorite lover and a kickass flick that features more giant monsters than I can shake a stick at... Yeah, it's a good day to be Bunche.


Chriswab said...

Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!

Anonymous said...

Can I say that it's reallyr eassuring to know of yet another guy who's on good terms with many of his exes, and understands the importance of a reassuring round of fun (if slightly melancholic) sex and conversation? You are a good man.

Suki said...

It's six months later, and I just saw this. I actually felt really down that day, and felt worried about my sexual performance, too.

But it was a good day, and memorable one for me too. --Sukes