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Sunday, December 25, 2005


I finally read Harry "Ain't It Cool News" Knowles' review of the new KONG and was shocked by his opinion of the piece. The guy is an annoying, stereotypical geek (yeah, yeah, I know that I fall into that category, too)whose writing is usually on par with that of a sixth-grader, but despite a devotion to the original that I heartily agree with Harry was able to evaluate the current remake intelligently, as opposed to his usual heaping of praise upon films that are completely unworthy of such attention. Go to and read it for yourself.

And also go to and check out the user comments section for Jackson's KING KONG; I was pleasantly surprized to see the large number of moviegoers who were on the same page about it as me, rather than the usual legion of thralls who fall down in supplication before the latest Hollywood blockbuster/product. For once the public has not been mesmerized by the eye candy on display.


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the new King Kong movie and don't plan on it but I'll add my two cents about Kong anyway. I seem to be the only one who is not a fan of the original (not that I have a great dislike of it either). I haven't seen the original as an adult so this review is really of my childhood perceptions of the movie.
I thought all of the grown ups (or people as I now call them) in the movie were the stupidest people I had ever seen! They go to an island where they have never been before to look for whatever they can find (I remember there being something about "rumors of strange creatures") stumble around with no real clue then proceed to wreck half the island, kill a bunch of natives and somehow capture Kong with a half baked plan that would embarrass Wile E. Coyote. Then what do they do to top it off? Bring the giant gorilla to New York City. At ten years old I knew that was a bad idea.
The whole thing ends tragically and all the grown ups (people) act like they didn't see it coming. I saw it coming. Oh yeah, and there is a romance going on between Kong and a Fay Wray. Whaaa? All gorillas looked alike to me and I wasn't ever going to fall in love with one of them so I couldn't believe a 30 foot tall gorilla would even notice the difference between two humans let alone fall in love with one of them. This was one of the movies that convinced me there were an awful lot of stupid grown ups out there.

Anonymous said...

"All gorillas looked alike to me and I wasn't ever going to fall in love with one..."

I've seen movies where people regularly fall in love with animals. They're special. They usually have titles like Barnyard Babes and Animal Action. They're very artistic, usually in German (the most romantic language), and everyone should see them.