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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Wouldja believe that already the major plan I had for my time off has fallen through? Yes, I took my time off when I did out of severe need for some R&R, but I took it during this week so I could spend some quality time with a favorite lady-friend while she was in the country for the first time in over a year. We had a variety of plans ready to go — including some much needed osh-osh — but now that’s all moot.

The lady in question was coming back to the States so she could visit with her elder sister in New Jersey and then head up toward Maine to spend Passover with the rest of her family and visit with her brother who has thankfully kicked ass on a very serious illness and is now engaged to be married (You GO, Jeffrey!!!), all while fitting in time to see me for few days. All great, but upon returning to the US, she was informed that the father of a mutual friend of ours who had been visiting her in London had died, apparently during his daughter’s time with lady-friend, and the friend came home to find him there and was understandably devastated. So, my lady-friend called me to let me know that her friend had asked her to stay on for a bit and lend emotional support, which I totally understand, thereby cutting out one of our two days together. Then today she calls me from her sister’s place and tells me that her nephew is very sick and her sister has asked her to stay another day, thereby killing our time together outright. She apologized and hoped that we could perhaps meet up during the summer — who knows when or where? —but let’s face it, what can she do? Family is, after all, family.

So, so much for my surprise reservations at a Manhattan hot tub and at an exquisite Chinatown eatery, to say nothing of some very expensive "leafy inhalables" purchased for the occasion, but shit happens. Perhaps it's for the best since what little time we would have had together would have been overshadowed by the spectre of drama. I’m not angry about it, but now I have no reason to stay in Brooklyn for the remainder of my vacation.

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Isn't that best planned lays?