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Friday, November 10, 2006


Some of you may recall about a month ago when my computer suffered a near-fatal accident — you are totally forgiven, Marius, so no worries — and the fact that I was briefly offline. Well, when the disaster happened I was mad enough to bite the fangs off of a king cobra, but I kept it together since it was clearly an accident, but I began to panic when I realized there was no way could afford a new computer. My mind raced as I mulled over my options, and then I remembered Harry, an old friend who also happened to be a Mac whiz.

I picked up the kitchen’s phone and punched in Harry’s digits, expecting not to reach him because it was one of those days, but the internet gods were on my side and I was granted an audience with the Wizard. Harry listened to my impassioned (translation: “freaked out”) ranting, and when I was done his affable voice assured me that all would be well. He even invited me over for a next day repair session, and so I braved torrential rain and schlepped my beige ass to Queens to turn his talented hands loose upon my poor, injured laptop (boy, that reads kind of questionable…).

When Harry let me into his high-tech sanctum, it was more of a social visit for me than a tension-fraught case of twiddling my thumbs while some dickhead ripoff artist molested my machine, possibly even stealing some of the naughty pics that dwell deep in its hard drive. We shot the shit while Harry worked his magic, and I was put totally at ease; I may be a rabid blogger, but I am the worst kind of Luddite and have no head for tech stuff, so Harry is a major godsend. When all was said and done, Harry had restored my computer, and then some, thereby lowering my blood pressure and allowing my never-ending quest for cyber-porn to continue in earnest.

So if you live in the NYC area and need someone who actually knows what the fuck he’s doing to look at your ailing Mac — not PC — I cannot recommend Harry’s skills highly enough. So, here’s his info already!

The Mac Doctor - Harry Candelario

House-calls & Phone help
Specializes in Mac computers (No PCs), the Mac Doctor makes your life easier by coming to you!
Expert in hardware as well as operating system problems!
No need to suffer "Separation Anxiety" or worry that someone might be stealing your files!

Services include:
Minor and major upgrades such as:
•Upgrade to Mac OS X
•Internal hard-drive installation
•PCI card installation (for example- extra video card, extra USB or firewire card - desktops only)
•Memory upgrades and finding the best priced RAM for you
•High speed internet set up: Cable of DSL
•wireless internet and installation of wireless card
•Home and Office Networking of Macs with other Macs and/or PCs
•Solving conflicting software problems
•complete Data transfer
•Data rescue (first level)
•Thorough back ups
•Printer set-up
•Software installations
•out of the box set-up
•re-wiring your system (making cords neat)
•Phone support
•money saving tips
Phone help includes:
•Solving small Mac problems that you just can't figure out.
•Advice on what to and what NOT to install on your Mac.
•Advice on what and where to buy for the best deals.

Expert in Mac OS 8, OS 9 and OS X!

Did you just buy a brand new Mac and need help transferring your old files?
Want to switch from PC to Mac? The Mac Dr. can help!
Whether it's your home or place of work, it doesn't matter. Most problems are FIXED in mere hours, not days. And 99% of the work is done on your premises! Yes, the Mac Dr. will go anywhere in NYC that the Subway will take him, so don't delay, call today!

Prices: Call the Mac Dr. and explain your problem; If he can help you, he will try to give you an estimate of time and price. And if you send an email, please state in the subject line that it's Mac Dr. business; he gets hundreds of emails a day, so alerting him to your concerns will get his attention and he will get back to you swiftly.
And remember: if the Mac Dr. CAN'T help you, he will let you know right away and do his best to direct you to someone who can assist you.


Anonymous said...

Harry's the man. He's really good at solving Mac problems. And carrying stuff.

Anonymous said...

Harry is one cool cat! He not only knows his stuff...he enjoys it all...helping people and making their computers work again! If he was independently wealthy...I know he would help people fix their Mac problems for free! I have had the pleasure of sitting and talking tech weenie with him for hours in his tech sanctum! He makes it all easy to understand! He DOES make fun of me because I am a PC person though...he thinks I should convert to Mac! Harry C, the Mac Doc is the best! He kicks butt at Web site design, too!

Anonymous said...

Your beloved niece, Sadie Rain, (and the rest of the family) misses you. When are you coming for a visit?!?!