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Thursday, September 19, 2013


WONDER WOMAN #23 (art by Cliff Chiang)

Yesterday marked milestone in my lifelong history as a comic book reader. With the necessary killing of Ares, Diana is now the Greek pantheon's god of war,and with that narrative twist I officially gave up reading ongoing DC Comics. 

WONDER WOMAN was the final book I was reading on a monthly basis from the creatively-disastrous/bankrupt New 52 line-wide reboot — I'd given up the few other DC titles I was reading months ago — and despite the artwork remaining fine (Cliff Chiang's work being the book's major draw and genuine saving grace), the story has chased its tail since issue #1 and I have wasted just shy of two years hoping the narrative would reach some sort of arc-conclusion that simply does not seem imminent. 

To sum up, I am done. Give me a shout when/if DC gets its act together again. By then I should have completed my studies at a remote martial temple on some secluded mountaintop in the Himalayas.

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