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Monday, August 10, 2020


Yesterday's all-day trip to the inner and outer regions of reality and existence did me a lot of good, both psychologically and physically. It gave the coughing time in which to get itself mostly out of my system while I lay on my super-comfy futon with comforters, stark naked, listening to my favorite psychedelic classics while incense fumes clouded the air.

Medical edibles are indeed the way to go, as yesterday's cubes opened my mind to a degree that allowed me to objectively contemplate all of my current situations and their relative insignificance when weighed against the universe as a whole. My problems amount to naught on the cosmic scale, and that is the lesson. I must deal with the here and now and handle my health situations as best as I can, but in the end it will all be nothing more than just another happenstance in life that will eventually be forgotten as the universe continues. Though I will fight to maintain my health, I have no fear of death, as that is inevitable anyway, so while I am here and going through this journey, I must center and find a place of calm, which I am working on on a daily basis.

It's all a cosmic adventure within my own body and mind, and even with the negative aspects of what I am enduring, it's still kind of cool to find out and understand just how much I can take. The journey continues...

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