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Friday, October 15, 2004


Here in the Rotten Apple there is a phone service called 777-FILM, a handy provider of movie listings and showtimes that covers the five boroughs and surrounding areas. I often call it for film times since it is more accurate than most such services, but it has the annoying feature of subjecting the caller to long and irritatingly-voiced trailers for films or ads for various services like over-the-phone ticket buying and signup info for various movie-related perks before they can hear the information that they called for in the first place.

I called early this morning to find out the matinee times for TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE at my local theater of choice and rolled my eyes as the unwelcome-yet-familiar voice of "Mister Moviephone" droned on about a new feature where the caller can hear reviews for movies. That's okay, but the ad went as follows:

"Hey, moviegoers! Try out or new instant review feature! Before you see the movies, find out if they glow of if they blow!"

I ask you, is that any way to do an ad on a movie listing line? I mean, if you're gonna go for "edgy" at least be funny. That line was something a fifth-grader would have come up with. Pitiful...

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