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Saturday, August 06, 2005


I don't have any idea why Mark Lindsay's classic single "Arizona" — it reached number 10 on the Billboard chart in 1970 — has entered my head. Or maybe I do...

Anyway, check out this chorus:

Arizona, take off your rainbow shades
Arizona, have another look at the world, my, my
Arizona, cut off your Indian braids
Arizona, hey won't you go my way?
Mmm, Strip off your pride
You're acting like a teeny-bopper run away child
And scrape off the paint from the face of a little town saint

What the fuck? That's like ordering someone to cut off their long-cultivated Jim Kelly afro or rip out their Dave Lister dreads!


Anonymous said...

Typically dumb, early 70's hit - but far from the stupidest. Of course, a discussion of that would take a year worth of blogs.


Anonymous said...


I nominate Paul Anka's "Having my Baby". Again, probably not the stupidest, but it's definitely up there...

Anonymous said...

Very smeggin' stupid to be sure!