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Monday, August 29, 2005

SEASON OF REGRET-a postscript

So late last night I posted that entry about my regrets over the situation with a certain lady and our almost-child, a situation that I sadly believed had killed our friendship (see "Season of Regret"). This morning I checked my emails and the first thing I saw was a letter from the lady in question; she only occasionally glances at my blog and wouldn't you know it? Today she checks it out in detail and reads the aforementioned account.

That could easily have gone very, VERY badly, but she was moved to write to me about it and fill me in on a lot of what was going through her head during the whole incident. What was sent to me shall remain between she and I, but she let me know that she does not hate me.

Thanks, upstate lady. I missed you immensely and hope that we can someday return to the regular communication that we once had.

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