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Wednesday, July 03, 2013


To those of us who came of age in the early1980's, the presence of singer/choreographer Toni Basil was ubiquitous on TV and the radio, with her international smash it single "Mickey" becoming a classic one-hit wonder and pop cultural milestone of its era. What few of us kids knew at the time was that Basil had been around in the realms of music, dance, and film for over fifteen years before gaining pop immortality, being most visible in movies including VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS (1965), GREASER'S PALACE (1972), and one of the most definitive American films of the late 1960's, EASY RIDER (1969). Though best-remembered now for her just-shy-of-40 (though exceedingly toothsome) cheerleader look as seen in the video for "Mickey," Basil was always gorgeous, possessing a lissome grace and haunting eyes that always made her stand out, even when seen in what amounted to bit parts. Here she is, roughly fifteen years before she conquered the world with pop music.

Toni Basil, circa 1966.

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