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Sunday, November 07, 2004


Remember my heartfelt post about seeing Devo in Central Park during the summer, the one that can be found in my archives section under July 2004? Well the show was recently released as a limited edition double-CD and I had to have it for my uber-completist Devo collection (selling DVDs at Kim's Video coming in very handy for quick cash). I have a shitload of live albums in my collection, but this is the only time where I can say that I actually attended the performance in question. It's a fun listen, but the boys are in their fifties and are running out of steam a bit and this album can't even come close to the two far superior live recordings, namely DEV-O LIVE (1980) and NOW IT CAN BE TOLD (1989), but so what? I was actually there for the latest one! How fucking cool is that?

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