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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I heard back from the mysterious woman who contacted me this morning on Facebook and, yes, she is my older sister, Janice Blackmon of Chicago — not to be confused with a minsier in the same area who has the same name — , the first of my dad's four kids. I have not seen or heard from or about her in over three decades so I'm eager to connect and get to know her. I wrote her a lengthy recap of my life since 1990 and am waiting to hear back with the details of her own journey.

My head is swimming from this and I've found it quite hard to concentrate on my work here at the design 'ho house.

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Deacon Blue said...

My best wishes for the getting connected to the "lost" sibling. I'm been hoping for a call from my "lost sister" for a while but don't expect it to ever come.

My mom had a kid out of wedlock before she married my dad and got me...and her parents made her put the girl up for adoption. It wasn't until I was 20 or 21 that my mom told me (though in hindsight there had been clues dropped accidentally by aunts/uncles that made sense only in the context of me being my mom's second child).

It's not so much that I'm dying to meet her or that I hated being an only child (I didn't hate it one bit and still don't). It's just that my mom died of ovarian cancer and she and my dad had been trying to find my sister to let her know about her cancer risk. But the adoption agency wouldn't even forward such info to the woman, much less give my mom any way to contact her.


But I have high hopes for your sibling situation, man.