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Thursday, November 03, 2011


Dear Vaulties-

I don't want to go into detail for fear of jinxing things, but I've made possible inroads to what looks like a promising job prospect. It's still early in the game but please send me as much positive energy as you can spare. I assure you I won't waste it.


Yer Bunche


Acroyear said...

Best of luck to you Sir Bunche. I hope this job is something that will make good use of you talents, skills and imagination. I know I enjoy reading your blog a great deal more then almost all of the comics I have been reading as of late (I'm looking at you "It's the DC's New 52 Review, coming to screw you". Although Marvel has little room to free pleased with itself either...) and I can't help but wonder why you aren't being paid to write one of their new books. Of course I also wonder why Amanda Conner isn't illustrating one of the new books but that's another matter.

At any rate, whatever the new job might be, I hope it happens and I hope it brings you happiness. Once more I wish you all the best.

Tars Tarkas said...

Kick ass!!!!!!!!!!


Jim Browski said...

Sending those positive thoughts..............................................Can you feel them yet?

Tweedster said...

Onward and upward Bunche!!!

Scott Koblish said...

a day or two late - but sent!

Radar said...

Good luck! We all need it in this crisis era!