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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Amanda Conner talks about 'Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre' and 'The Art of Amanda Conner' at Newsarama

The one and only Amanda Conner (or A.C. as I call her).

My old friend Amanda Conner's got a lot going on at the moment, namely her work as artist and co-writer (with Darwyn Cooke) on the upcoming BEFORE WATCHMEN: SILK SPECTRE and the career retrospective art book THE ART OF AMANDA CONNER, and she chats at length about both over at NEWSARAMA.

Regarding the art book, she called me in to work on it back in early November, figuring I'd witnessed the evolution of her skills and career since we were in our teens (back in the late-1800's) and I could write from that rather informed perspective, so I interviewed her at length, transcribed the interview and tightened it up for conversational readability — my goal was to have it read like Amanda was speaking directly with the reader — and wrote the descriptive and info text for the numerous examples of her illustrations. Oh, and I also wrote a heartfelt introduction to the book but considering that there are also testimonials from assorted big name creators in the comics biz, I'm not certain my intro will be used. I'll find out soon enough, though. The book hits comics shops today, so I'll see it for myself shortly. Anyway, pick up a copy!

Cover for THE ART OF AMANDA CONNER, with text by Yer Bunche.


Weird WWII said...

We met Amanda at a comic con in Dallas earlier this year and she was really sweet. Look forward to seeing what she has in store for us with her new books.

Amy & Brian

Acroyear said...

My local comic shop is holding a copy for me to pick up next week. I did glance through a copy of it today and I noticed a picture of you in it with Amanda. Brought a smile to my face good sir. I can't wait to pick it up and do some serious reading.