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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Last night I went to the John Waters Christmas show at B.B. Kings, and it was fucking hilarious. (I hope it was videotaped for home video posterity.) My friend Lexi and her sister, Ginna, took me and we had VIP seats that included a meet and greet with the Master, so during the show's Q&A section I got to tell him a couple of good ones about some memorable experiences with watching his movies. After the show, at the meet and greet, I was first on line and Waters actually recognized me from the several times I've seen him at NYC signings.

Anyway, it's always a good thing when you can give your favorite living director and major influence on your worldview a Christmas present. He collects books on all manner of horrible things, so I gave him my copy of They Lived on Human Flesh, the exploitative bus station bookshop ripoff of Alive — the infamous true story of the Uruguayan football team that crash-landed in the Andes and survived by resorting to cannibalism — and he was delighted to get it because he didn't have it. He was especially pleased that it has pictures!


Acroyear said...

That is cool beyond words!

Jim Browski said...


I'm glad you didn't give him a bag of excrement, because that gift idea is probably totally played out by now.

jessicago said...

And it's a handsome picture of you both.

Glenn Greenberg said...

Awesome, Bunche. I'm very happy for you! And what a great photo!

PiercingMetal Ken said...

That's a great photo and I am glad you got to enjoy this performance. It sounded like it was right up your alley.