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Monday, December 23, 2013


Last night I once again watched Walt Disney's utterly delightful movie version of MARY POPPINS (1964), one of my very favorite films — yes, I'm serious — and after seeing it again I began considering seeing the recently-released SAVING MR. BANKS, which is the Disney corporation's bigscreen depiction of Walt Disney wooing Mary Poppins's creator, P.L. Travers, into granting him the rights to make the now-classic movie. I may still see it because I am intrigued, but I also just saw a review of the film by Harlan Ellison, my favorite writer and a man who has been one of my most respected no-bullshit heroes since I was perhaps fifteen. If Harlan has something to say on just about any subject, I listen and I tend to agree with him, so his opinion of SAVING MR. BANKS has given me a bit of pause. (Not that what he says comes as any surprise, since Disney is quite good at embellishing its founder's godlike image.) Anyway, here's what Uncle Harlan had to say on the subject:

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