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Monday, September 18, 2006


Whenever I come home to Connecticut, the first thing I do is set off in search of my favorite chil dogs. Once easily accessible at what used to be the Dairy Queen on the Post Road, these delicious morsels can now only be found on Connecticut Avenue in Norwalk, about ten minutes away at Dairy King, a joint that is exactly like the now defunct Dairy Queen, right down to the menu and logo.

These foot-long beauties are cooked up on a brazier, buns toasted, and topped with a sumptuous chili that is slightly spicier than that found at that bygone Dairy Queen, and when served up with a soda it's a filling feast of comfort food.

Arriving in Westport today, I dropped off my luggage and roared out into the night, soon arriving at Dairy King. Imagine my delight when I discovered that I'd arrived on a night when the chili dogs were on special for $1.45 apiece, down from their usual $2.59. BONUS!!!

It was such an irresistible deal that I went back for the same meal for the next three nights.

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Anonymous said...

By the third day, your poor bathroom must have resembled the surface of Venus.