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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I know I ran this last year, but once again here's my all-time favorite Thanksgiving movie moment, after which much righteous arson ensues:

"We cannot break bread with you. You have taken the land which is rightfully ours. Years from now my people will be forced to live in mobile homes on reservations. Your people will wear cardigans, and drink highballs. We will sell our bracelets by the road sides, you will play golf, and enjoy hot hors d'oeuvres. My people will have pain and degradation. Your people will have stick shifts. The gods of my tribe have spoken. They have said, 'Do not trust the Pilgrims.' And for all these reasons I have decided to scalp you and burn your village to the ground.

-Wednesday Addams (Christina Ricci) as Pocahontas in ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES (1993)

And so once again I hit the boring affluent wasteland where I grew up and came of age, there to do the seasonal gorging with my mom, so I'll be off the radar for a bit. Hopefully during my time in Westport I'll garner some time to get back on track with articles of drivel to keep you dear readers amused, educated and entertained, so pray for my sanity and soul (or what remains them after being ruined by decades of comic books, rock music, bad movies, booze, weed, and of course women of questionable stability).


Satyrblade said...

"I'll be the victim!"

Firefly said...

Thanks for the holiday advice Bunchie - I needed that! Look at it this way, your time here in Connecticut's twisted dystopia is mercifully limited...