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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Remember my long ago post about the excellence of the chili dog (which can be found at Well, thanks to the beauty of my digital camera here's a photo of a can of Steve's & Ed's Original Hot Dog Chili Sauce, an alleged condiment that I honestly consider to be the single worst thing ever to hit my palate, and I've extinguished cigarettes with my tongue (don't ask, and I'm not joking).

Seriously, this is the worst shit ever knowingly sold to an unsuspecting public, and short of mass producing a blend of coffee grounds, bat guano, and refried vomit, there is simply no way humanly possible to come up with something worse and pass it off as food. Gaze long and well upon this supermarket Chernobyl that ye may know evil when thou dost witness it, then run and found yon towne witchfinder and bring him forth that he may put this culinary blasphemy to the stake.

No bullshit, folks, the shit is really that bad.


Anonymous said...

That can appears to be in your apartment. This might fall under the category of unnecessary clutter. Just trying to help.

Bunche (pop culture ronin) said...

It is far from unnecessary; I consider it a case of fighting bad spirits with a very nasty bad spirit, thereby acting as a ward against bad things coming out of my kitchen. Sort of a kitchen equivalent to Devilman (look him up on Wikipedia).

Anonymous said...

I put the Stop and Shop canned chili up against it any day. I tried it once on a lark and I swear they mixed up the label with a can of dog food.