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Friday, December 15, 2006


As Christmas approaches, I realise that I have no real gameplan for the holidays.

I have to be at home in Connecticunt for the Big Day itself, after which I return to work the next day (my kitchenmate's on vacation, so...), and then it's a waiting game until New Year's Eve, which I also have to work. Most of my friends, once a close-knit tribe living within a stone's throw of one another, have dispersed with the inevitablity of marriages, kids, and the simple fact that living in Brooklyn is expensive as a motherfucker, so I can't easily attend any Chrismakwanzukkah shindigs, even if I arrived late, and I have heard nothing thus far about a New Year's thing, although I will probably turn up the next day at the home of a pal who lives near Ground Zero. If not, I'll wring in the New Year all by my lonesome, or with my friend Jessica.

I doubt the mermaid who swims in my dreams will be free, but it would be nice to see her. And I'll understand if she has stuff to do in her semi-distant homeland, but I will think of her and raise a toast to her fine, absent ass. God DAMN, she's purty. I just wanna kiss her right now...

And I swear that for the first time in years I will not depress myself by playing U2's "New Year's Day," because I can smell major, positive change coming for me in 2007, in all aspects of my life. So wish me luck, dear readers.

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Anonymous said...

I like to go without a plan until the last minute when I squeeze the most fun out of the best option I've been presented with. It's backfired on me. Last year I babysat.