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Monday, December 18, 2006


So I hauled my ass out into the throng of holiday shoppers and made my way to Brooklyn's Fulton Mall, an expanse of several blocks that caters to the highly rythmic and/or Spanish-speaking local denizens, in pursuit of the DVD for CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER. It's just coming out on the big screen over here, and usually the Hong Kong opuses enjoy an Asian release first, thereby, making it easy to snag any given film before its US opening.

I went to my favorite martial arts movie kiosk — there are several such establishments littering the place — and was told that CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER was being released simultaneously in China and over here, so the DVD was not available, but they did have something that might interest me. That something was the subtitled edition of the 2006 FIST OF THE NORTH STAR movie, "Shin Kyûseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken: Raôh den - Jun'ai no Shô," the latest film featuring my favorite ultra-violent, post-apocalyptic Japanese martial arts superhero, Kenshiro Kasumi, or Ken for short.

My eyes nearly exploded from my skull (just like like a mortally wounded character from the series) when the salesman handed me the disc, and my issues from the previous twenty-four hours melted away; even if it sucked, I now had a new Ken flick to check out, so I hurried home to watch it. I'm about to sit down with it, and I'll write a review later this evening.


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